Our welding fabrication includes but isn't limited to:


Welding Blankets and Curtains 


Features of our welding blankets and curtains include but aren't limited to:

A variety of fabrics and styles for all types of welding applications
• Numerous fiberglass fabrics for light welding, grinding, and cutting
• Numerous silica fabrics for heavy welding, slag, and spatter
• The ability to withstand steady state temperatures of 1,200°F-1,800°F
• A melting point of 3,100°F
• Grommets placed where needed
• Reusable, high temperature fabrics
• Protects other areas and applications to where weld splatter won't arc off and melt or overheat anything else in the work station
• Made to order
• Cut to size right off the roll

Fire Blankets


Features of our fire blankets include but aren't limited to:

• Can withstand temperatures up to 1,400°F
• Smothers small fires in their early stages to prevent growth and spreading
• Saves you THOUSANDS of dollars in damages
• Saves you downtime used by water of Halon
• Available in easy to mount 4x4 canisters
• Perfect for hotels, restaurants, schools, and similar places
• Made to order
• Cut to size right off the roll

View our blankets line card here.

Torch Guards

"No tool box is complete without the Pyro Shield torch guard."

- Shawn Heer, President of BK Plumbing


Features of our torch guards include but are not limited to:

• The inability to burn or melt from exposure to high temperatures
• Easy and safe to use
• The utmost protection from flames and heat
• No toxic smoke
• Reusable 100+ times
• Designed for commercial, industrial, and residential applications where protection from torch flame and heat is a top priority
• Ideal for welding, brazing, and soldering by using propane, MAPP gas, oxy-acetylene, and others

Plumbers can also greatly benefit from our torch guards because they can be placed in between cooper lines and wooden studs to ensure safe conditions while brazing and sodering.

View our torch guard line card here.


Welding Chair

Features of our chair include but are not limited to:

• Comfortable
• Durable
• Ideal for welding in awkward and hard to reach spaces
• Covered in high temperature resistant material
• Can endure temperatures up to 2,300°F
• Comes with or without Stainless Steel (SS) wheels
• Customized to preference

 View our welding chair line card here.


Kneeling Pads 


Features of our kneeling pads include but aren't limited to:

• Protection from heat
• Comfort in tight, hard to reach spaces
• Uses for heavy weld cutting, slag, spot welding, and gouging
• Fabricated with high temperature fabrics and mats
• Holding up spatter
• Ideal for kneeling, leaning, and laying

Click here to view our custom fabricated pads line card.

Preheat Blankets and Pads


Pictured above are our The PS-HB32-12 (left) and our PS-1400-12 (right).

Features of our preheat blanket include but aren't limited to:

• A variety of styles to choose from
• Silica fabric on both the inside and outside
• Keeping your applications warm
• Offering the utmost protection
• Reusable
• Sewn in cut lines every 6" to 12" to be cut as needed on the job site
• Custom sizes available

View our preheat blankets line card here.

We also fabricate preheat blankets specifically for heat treaters. Click here to view our preheat blanket line card for heat treaters.

Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT) Blankets and Pads


          Features of our post weld heat treat (PWHT) blankets include but aren't limited to:

• Maintaining temperatures up to 2,000°F fabric
• Withstanding temperatures up to 3,100°F
• Reuseable
• The use of up to 50 thermal cycles per blanket
• Contains raw insulation by encapsulating with silica fabric
• Maintaining temperatures to avoid welding cracks
• 1” thick silica needled mat inside with straps
• Custom sizes available

View our PWHT blankets line card here.