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Fabrication for the Metal and Glass Industries

 View our line card for the metal and glass industries here.



Read more on annealing here.View our annealing line card here.

Silica Needled Mat Furnace Modules

Braided and Coil Cover Seals




View our seals line card here.

In addition to the seals we fabricate for annealing, we also fabricate other seals such as:

• Tundish seals • Ladle seals
• Damper seals • Port hole seals


Other Fabrication

We also fabricate a variety of other products for the metal and glass industries such as:

Removable insulation blankets and heat shields Oven insulators and tadpole seals
Expansion joints Scratch protection


Our products for the metal and glass industries are fabricated with our high temp silica and fiberglass fabrics and insulation mats.

Consult our fabrics page for more information on each individual fabric and their corresponding data sheets.