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Induction Heat Treating
• High temp Induction sleeves 
• Induction heating preheat and PWHT blankets/pads
• No shot insulation mat

For over 20 years, we've fabricated quality accessories for induction, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Our top notch fabrication is designed to keep temperatures consistent and regulated during the induction process, making it easy to get the job done. In addition, our fabrication serves as a safer alternative to open flame as you’re not dealing directly with fire.

What we offer:
• Custom fabrication to meet your needs
• Fabrics and mats for temps 1,800°F and above
• Fabrics and mats for temps 1,000°F and below

High Temp Induction Sleeves

Our high temp induction sleeves are made with or without mat and are fabricated with coated or knitted fiberglass fabrics.

Features of our sleeves include:

• Can be fabricated insulated or uninsulated
• Made of heavy duty fiberglass with a silicone rubber coated outside (rated 1,000°F)
• Fabric allows for resistant to fluids, oils, and fuel
• Fiberglass keeps sleeves intatc in high temp environments up to 1,000°
• Flexibility, making it easy to configure your coil into a blanket and allow for easy movement
• Reduce energy loss and protect other areas of the application while keeping it safe from burns
• Great for bundling wires and cables on a variety of applications
• Tight insulation prevents energy or heat loss


Induction Heating Blankets and Pads

Like our sleeves, our blankets are custom fabricated for each specific application and made to size.

Features of our blankets include:

• Velcro tabs sewn on to the blanket makes it easy to reconfigure coils without the use of a peg board
• Tabs also allow for use of different length coils
• Can be fabricated with or without tabs to accept induction coils
• Fabricated with high temp, silica and fiberglass fabrics and insulation mats
• Blankets wrap tightly around applications, ensuring energy is not lost in the process
• Enery efficient and cost effective - will save you thousands
• No need for peg board or open flame, making conditions safer

Our welding blankets are also great assets for induction. We have preheat and PWHT blankets available for fabrication, and you can learn more about them here.

For more information on our welding fabrication, click here.


Insulation Mat

Silica Needled Mat (SNM)

Our silica needled mat is the best in the business for all things induction.

Our high temp silica needled mat is a noncarcinogenic, meaning the continuous filament yarns have a diameter of ≥ 6-9 microns. This unique feature makes our soft silica needled mat non-respirable and easy to fabricate. Since the material is soft, it allows for easy installation without gloves.

Our silica needled mat is a great replacement where ceramic fiber is used.

Features of our silica needled mat include but aren’t limited to:

• No-shot
• Steady state temp of 1,800°F
• Melting temp of 3,100°F
• Offered in 1/8” thickness and above

For more information on our silica needled mat, click here.

Click here to view our SNM data sheet.

We also offer 2 other insulation mats, our e-glass fiberglass mat and our ps-bb board mat. Click here for more information.