We offer high temp, no shot silica needled mat and eglass fiberglass insulation mats. See below for more information.

Silica Needled Mat



Our high temp silica needled mat is a noncarcinogenic, meaning the continuous filament yarns have a diameter of ≥ 6-9 microns. This unique feature makes our soft silica needled mat non-respirable and easy to fabricate. Our mat allows you to install insulating blankets without gloves. Our silica needled mat is a great replacement where ceramic fiber is used.


Features of our high temp silica needled mat include but aren't limited to:

• Made with a non-respirable fiber randomly oriented into a uniform blanket
• Ceramic free
• Made from continuous filament silica fiber
• No "shot"
• Highly durable with multiple reuses
• Excellent thermal conductivity
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Offers good thermal protection up to 1,800°F
• Melting temperature of 3,100°F
• No special disposal

Applications include but aren't limited to:

• Insulation matting for high temperature insulation blankets
• Sound suppression
• Removable insulation pads
• Power generating equipment
• Industrial furnaces
• Piping
• High heat insulation
• Thermal insulation


View our silica needled mat data sheet here.


E-Glass Mat




Our e-glass insulation mat is an incombustible, needled fiberglass mat.

Applications include:

• High temperature insulation applications where high heat resistance and flexibility is required
• Removable insulation covers
• Heat shields
• Welding applications and gasket material in boilers
• Industrial furnaces up to 1,200°F
• High temp insulation


View our e-glass data sheet here.