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Coke Plants and the Coke Industry
View our line card for the coke industry here.




We're able to fabricate a variety of products for the coke industry that offer thermal protection such as:

Furnace modules Oven insulators and tadpole seals Hose and sleeve covers
Gaskets and seals Expansion joints Silica needled mat



Our fabrication for the coke industry can be applied to a variety of applications such as:

• Coke ovens • Electric arc furnaces • Degassers • Blast furnaces • Hot blast stoves
• Converters • Torpedo ladles • Continuous casting • Reheating mill furnaces • Refractory


Our fabrication for the coke industry is made with our high temp silica and fiberglass fabrics and insulation mats.

Consult our fabrics page to view more information on each individual fabric and their corresponding data sheets.