Insulation Needled Mats

Pyro Shield provides Silica Needle Mat. SNM is a 2000F blanket for high temperature markets. ENM is a 1200F blanket that is used typically for sound and thermal barriers. ENM and SNM have excellent chemical resistance and dielectric strength. The sound absorption property is superior to all insulation blanket types. The Needled Mats are made 60 inches wide and can be slit down to any width roll. Our needled mats are non-respirable, and considered safe to handle and use with minimum safety protection.


High-Temp Fabrics

Pyro Shield carries a combination of industrial fabrics with temperature ranges between the 1200-2000F. The thickness ranges are 1/16" to 1/2" thick with different weave styles and knits. We specialize in reusable and abrasion resistant fabrics. The lower temperatures are controlled by using fiberglass fabrics with different coatings such as rubber, aluminum, and teflon. The coatings provide protection against weather damage, ultra voilet light from welding, radiant heat, and abrasion damage.


Heat Treating Blankets

Pyro Shield manufactures insulation pads for all industries. Our heat treating blankets will outlast any other blanket and we provide application specific blankets. The Heat Treating Industry is a main consumer of insualtion blankets for PWHT, Preheat and Slow-Cooling applications. We employ superior knowledge and industry expertise from these areas; combustion, electrical resistant and Induction Heating to handcraft our products to your specifications.


High-Temp Industrial Seals

Pyro Shield's fundamental goal is to provide re-usable, high temperature, and heat resistant products both coated and uncoated. Pyro Shield's high-temp seals are made with heavy duty fabrics and insulation. Our insulating products are manufactured at all thicknesses, sizes, and configurations with different temperature ratings depending on the application.


Piping Insulation

We manufacture insulation sleeves and tubing for all types of piping, hoses and connecters. The Pyro Pipe wrap can cover any diameter pipe. It will sprial over flanges and valves too. We make removable blankets for all industries. The sleeves are made with a hook and loop to fasten around circumference of pipe. We make tubing that will slide down exsisting hoses or pipe.


Fabrication Department

Pyro Shield houses its own state of the art fabrication shop, and we can produce products for every high-temperature application. We understand that your needs might not always be the standard variety, that's where our fabrication shop comes into play. Our manufacturing shop can fabricate any size seals, gasket, enclosures, exhaust system, and blanket configurations you might have. We employ superior knowledge and industry expertise to handcraft our products to your specifications.




Pyro Shield is a dynamic developer of the heat barrier industries. Our Goal is to provide our clients with up to date specifications and components.

¬ Bill Gomez

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